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The Eight Fates of Ahsoka Tano

"I've done eight different endings for her. I'll be talking to George about it soon," said Filoni. ~Comic-Con 2011: Clone Wars Panel

One thing is clear, whether the fans hate or love the story arc for the character of Ahsoka Tano, the creative team behind The Clone Wars is putting a lot of effort into trying to get the story right.  But Dave's quote from Comic-Con got me thinking, what are these eight possible fates of Ahsoka Tano and in how many of them does she survive The Clone Wars?

Starting from the premise that there are two potential fates for Ahsoka Tano at the conclusion of TCW series, one path is that she emerges alive, the other is that she perishes.  That is the easy part, the difficult part is figuring out and interesting and significant resolution for a character that millions have come to love.

The big question of the series is now that Ahsoka Tano has become so popular, particularly with the female audience would George Lucas be willing to kill her off for the sake of the story, or will he spare her and keep her around for potential future Expanded Universe, animated spin-off or Live-Action series use?   

I don't have any inside information about what Dave Filoni is thinking, but below you will find some informed speculation about potential directions I think he is pondering.

Fate #1: Ahsoka Lives: Leaves Jedi Order before Order 66

If Ahsoka is to live following the Clone Wars, then one likely scenario would be her leaving the Jedi Order and Republic military before Order 66 is initiated.  There are a number of storylines that could play out to explain Ahsoka leaving the Order.  Perhaps she falls in love with Lux and they decide to leave the conflict behind and run away together.  This one seems far fetched, but Ahsoka's friendship with Lux certainly exposes her to life and relationships outside of the Jedi Order and opens up this possibility.

Perhaps Ahsoka simply becomes disillusioned with the Republic's war effort.  Does Chancellor Palpatine order Ahsoka to do some particularly heinous act.  If she does it perhaps it drives a wedge between her and Anakin, or if she refuses perhaps she is removed from the war effort.  Maybe she simply cannot emotionally handle killing any more and leaves the Order and the war for those reasons. 

Perhaps Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order and joins a splinter group such as those Jedi following Master Altis. 

What if Master Yoda fears the war is costing the Jedi to many lives and decides to send a select few Jedi far away into the Unknown Regions or another area of the galaxy to hide and keep the Jedi flame lit should the worst case scenario happen, the Separatists win and the Jedi be crushed in the war.  Ahsoka, as a young and powerful Jedi who has learned from some of the Order's greatest modern Jedi could be a logical choice for such a group. 

Fate #2: Ahsoka Dies: Killed before Battle of Coruscant

The continuity police are all over the fact that Ahsoka doesn't appear in Episode III, nor is she mentioned in the film.  The fact that the events in Episode III happen in fairly quick succession, makes it possible that she simply didn't come up in the discussions between the characters, but what if there is another reason.  What if Ahsoka is not mentioned because the other characters are still dealing with her death and are aware of how emotionally affected by the death Anakin was.  Members of the Order and Padme would be extra sensitive to Anakin's emotion because in the case of the Jedi, he is viewed as the Chosen One, but he is also viewed as having attachment issues that could be a path to the Dark Side.  As such the Jedi Masters would be wary of wanting to push him for fear that he could fall.  Padme may not bring it up out of love, because she knows how much the death affected her husband.

We have a number of characters that could potentially bring about the death of Ahsoka.  I don't think they would have a minor character kill Ahsoka, and I also think it is more likely then not she would be killed by a Force-user  The most likely of which would be in no particular order, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, Savage Opress, and Darth Maul.

Darth Maul is set to make a return to the realm of the living in TCW, presumably we will see him at some point in Season 4.  His return was foreshadowed in the Season 3 Nightsisters Trilogy.  Dual-bladed lightsaber versus Ahsoka and her two lightsaber fighting style would be a real cool battle to see.   It would also set up the scenario where Anakin kills the resurrected Maul out of revenge or hatred and furthers his inevitable fall to the Dark Side.  The Savage Opress killing Ahsoka story would be roughly the same as the Darth Maul one.

Asajj Ventress began the series as one of the main villains and even though she has broken with Dooku, perhaps she could hunt and kill Ahsoka in a bid to get back into Dooku's good graces after the Nightsisters, potentially her only ally are defeated.

Count Dooku of the villains would be my favorite candidate to kill Ahsoka.  Lets take a look back at Episode III, when Anakin kills Dooku. 

Supreme Chancellor: [Anakin cuts off Dooku's hands ending the battle. Anakin catches Dooku's lightsabre and ignites it and puts both lightsabres to his neck] Good, Anakin, good. Kill him.
[Dooku looks at Palpatine in shock]
Supreme Chancellor: Kill him now.
Anakin Skywalker: I shouldn't...
Supreme Chancellor: Do it!
Anakin Skywalker: [Anakin decapitates Dooku] I couldn't stop myself.
Supreme Chancellor: You did well, Anakin. He was too dangerous to be kept alive.
Anakin Skywalker: Yes, but he was an unarmed prisoner.
[frees Chancellor Palpatine]
Anakin Skywalker: I shouldn't have done that. It's not the Jedi way.
~IMDB Ep. III Quotes
Why might Dooku have been to dangerous to be kept alive, why might Anakin have been angry enough with him to kill him in cold blood?  Perhaps Dooku killed Ahsoka in the waning days of the Clone Wars.

One potential odd ball fate is related to the Mortis trilogy in which Ahsoka died and was brought back to life by the life force of the Daughter channeled into her by Anakin.  Perhaps this fix was only temporary and Ahsoka eventually weakens and dies as the Daughter's life force fades within her. 

Fate #3:  Ahsoka Lives: Escapes Order 66

The Dark Times between Episodes III and IV is part of the Star Wars timeline that is ripe for storytelling and exploration.  This happens to be the setting of the currently on-hold Live-Action series.  What little we know about the Live-Action series is that it isn't going to focus on Jedi or the main characters from the movies, but instead will focus on other parts of the Star Wars universe.  As a result it seems likely that Ahsoka wouldn't be planned on appearing in the series, however her surviving the Clone Wars and appearing in the series would certainly help bring some fans from the cartoon to the Live-Action series as they grow up and mature.  Even if she was not to be in the Live-Action series, there is always the possibility they could do another cartoon series or use Ahsoka in novels, comics or games in the future.

How exactly could Ahsoka escape Order 66?  Ahsoka could pull a Yoda and kill the Clones sent to execute her then go into hiding.  Ahsoka could be saved by a friendly clone such as Captain Rex or ARC Trooper Fives.  The Clone could desert and go on the run with Ahsoka or could die protecting her while she escaped.  One idea that I like is to have someone help Ahsoka escape, perhaps Mon Mothma performs a service for Ahsoka similar to what Bail Organa did for Obi-Wan and Anakin in Episode III. 

Fate #4:  Ahsoka Dies: Darth Vader's Jedi Purge

If by chance Ahsoka managed to escape Order 66, The Clone Wars series could do a story arc set in the immediate aftermath of Episode III where Vader is doing the initial purge of any Jedi suspected or rumored to have escaped the Clones assassinations.   Darth Vader in his suit in the Clone Wars animated style would be awesome to see and would also create tons of merchandising opportunities for the franchise.

This would be a very dark way to end the series, but not the darkest.  Just wait till I get to the end of the list.

Fate #5:  Ahsoka Lives:  Spared by Darth Vader

An interesting twist on the Jedi Purge storyline would be for Vader (in armor) after Episode III to track down a rumored Jedi only for it to turn out to be Ahsoka.  In the last compassionate act we see on screen by Vader until Episode VI, he would spare Ahsoka, leaving her to go into hiding.  Ahsoka wouldn't have knowledge that Vader is Anakin unless they wrote it in a way that he told her.  She could simply be confused but thankful for the mercy. 

I kind of like this ending because it shows that there is still some good in Anakin, no matter how far he has fallen.  It would also show that his attachment issue is a problem for his commitment both to the Jedi and now to the Sith. 

Fate #6: Ahsoka Dies:  Anakin Kills Ahsoka

Ahsoka dying at the hands of Anakin would only add to the tragedy that is the Anakin Skywalker story.  But this loss, the grief, fear and regret that it would cause could only help explain Anakin's extreme fear of losing Padme in Episode III.  There are two major scenarios that I would see in my mind for this one.  The first is that Anakin accidentally kills Ahsoka.  One idea is that the accidental death could occur during a battle when Anakin loses control and uses the Dark Side in some way, perhaps he accidentally unleashes a massive bout of Force Lightning and Ahsoka is caught in its path.

The other major scenario, would be very dark and may just be too extreme to be likely.  If Ahsoka learns of Anakin's relationship with Padme and threatens to to the Jedi Council, perhaps Anakin may lose control in a fit of anger/fear and kill her.  Not in a premeditated action, but in the spur of the moment, either overwhelmed by emotion or the Dark Side.  Immediately he would regret it and it would stain his soul. 

Fate #7:  Ahsoka Lives: Anakin mindwipes Ahsoka

One off-beat scenario would only be potentially possible because Anakin is so immensely powerful in the Force.  I can see a story-line where Ahsoka learns of Anakin's marriage to Padme.  Ahsoka doesn't want to betray her Master but feels duty bound to inform the Council.  Anakin resorts to the drastic measure of using his Force powers to mind wipe Ahsoka.  Perhaps he goes to far and creates a permanent amnesia.  This amnesia could be total, or only to a certain point in the past, or only temporary.  After he wipes her memory of him and being a Jedi he could maroon her on some out of the way planet and hope that she never finds her way back to Coruscant or anyone that knows who she is.  Inadvertently this act would save Ahsoka's life because she would be safe from the initial slaughter of Order 66.  It could also set up a story where she slowly regains her memory, realizing that she is a Jedi, but becoming aware of what she is in a galaxy that fears and hunts her kind. 

Fate #8: Ahsoka Dies: Darth Vader's Assault on the Jedi Temple

The final scenario I will present you with, is the most unlikely, the most controversial, yet one that because George Lucas is a tinkerer, one that I wouldn't be shocked to see.

[Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda are escaping the Jedi temple as Obi-Wan noticed the hologram center]
Obi-Wan: Wait, Master. There is something I must know.
Yoda: If into the security recordings you go, only pain will you find.
Obi-Wan: I must know the truth, Master.
[Obi-Wan watches the recordings of Jedi, even younglings, being slaughtered]
Obi-Wan: It can't be... It can't be...
Anakin Skywalker: The traitors have been taken care of, Lord Sidious.
Darth Sidious: Good... Good... you have done well, my apprentice. Now Lord Vader, go and bring peace to the Empire.
Obi-Wan: [switches off the hologram] I can't watch any more.
Yoda: Destroy the Sith we must.
~IMDB Ep. III Quotes

What if Ahsoka was in the Jedi Temple when Anakin arrived to do "what must be done?"  Ahsoka giving her life in a massive lightsaber duel against her Master, attempting to protect younglings from his slaughter.  This would be an incredibly heroic way for Ahsoka to go out.  Perhaps she even protects some Padawans or Knights who manage to escape and then are used in future Expanded Universe stories or in the Live-Action series.   

It would of course be extremely controversial with fans. Obi-Wan seeing Anakin kill fellow Jedi and younglings would be bad enough, but it would be the ultimate gut punch to see Anakin kill Ahsoka.

In the end, the fate of Ahsoka Tano is in the hands of George Lucas and Dave Filoni, based on the quality of the series so far I am sure they will come up with something pretty good and it will probably be something I haven't even thought of. 


  1. Aelinwen from twitter here! I really enjoyed this article Pete! You should write for TCW. *reads fate #8* Um... Never mind... =P Loved the speculative nature of this article, and I hope to see more like it! Keep up the good work!

  2. Tommy the Lifesize Action Figure here,

    I think Palpatine is going to kill her himself and then twist it to cause more conflict in Anakin. The bottom line here is the fact that the entire saga is abut the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker.

    Of course every episode can't feature Anakin because that would get pretty boring pretty fast. There is no happy ending for Anakin so I doubt there would be for his padawan.

    She's not going to run away from the Order. She's not going to run off and live happily ever after with a clone. She will die.

    I do agree that she won't go out at the hands of some one off or minor character. And at this point Anakin still has too much honor and is still too in tune with the Light Side. He went Dark when he defeated Ventress in the Micro-Series. He went Dark when he got medieval on that Tusken ass. He went Dark when he took off Dookou's head. Each of those situations saw him battling evil. There is no way he will strike down Ahsoka unless he is directly manipulated my Palpatine. Palps could mind trick Anakin to make Ahsoka appear evil or to have hurt Padme.

    I don't expect Ahsoka to make it to the end of season 4.

    Regardless of weather or not the fans like Ahsoka, Lucas is going to do what he feels is best to tell the story that is The Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker.

  3. i thorougly enjoyed all ideas here, very interesting. ahsoka tano is a favorite of mine. she must go out in the blaze of glory, ahsoka has never run from a challenge, this is how her master taught her. ahsoka will not fall to the darkside however she would never strike down anakin, that being her weekness and i see that making her fall.

  4. Well Ahsoka is a favorite of mine, one thing for sure is that Ahsoka is most likely be a Jedi Knight at the end of the Clone Wars cartoon series. If she survives hard to say, but the cartoon series will not reveal that, it be to much of a blow for Ahsoka's many fans, and because she is a rather popular character.

    There is a chance that she survived Order 66, she is a new character created after the end of the movies, like Rex, there is a chance she is stuck stranded on some unknown world, without having a clue what is going on among the stars, until someone finds her. In the comics there is a moment when Luke Skywalker crashes on a unknown world that took part of the Clone Wars, and there he gained the help of a old Clone Trooper who mistaken him for a Jedi General (he never got the Order 66, thus his duty was to protect any Jedi). Remember that everything about Star Wars is considered part of the Star Wars universe in Lucus' eyes.

    As for Ventress in the micro-series, something happened, she is alive and had disappeared when she joined the Nightsisters in the cartoon series, Star Wars Wikia revealed that change, and their info is constantly being updated. In the miro-series, Ventress was still part of the CIS, but in the Clone Wars cartoons, she was betrayed and left the CIS.

    So what ever happens to Ahsoka is up in the air, but I want to believe that she survived. If anything, the fans would write many fan fiction stories about her survival.

    Whatever happens, Lucus will not have Ahsoka die in the series, remember that this series is being watched by children. Sure clones dies, no big deal for the kids, but Ahsoka is a big character in the series, and I think she will live to the end, and maybe we will she her become a Jedi Knight in the end. Remember that Revenge of the Sith wont take place for many years after the Clone Wars started.

  5. I also suspect that Ahsoka meets her end right before Senator Palpatine's kidnapping on Coruscant.

    I would guess that Palpatine makes use of the 'Nexus Route' introduced in the 'Citadel' arc in season 3 to bring General Grevious to Coruscant to 'kidnap' Chancellor Palpatine.

    In the episode "Citadel Rescue" Ahsoka is given half of the information for the Nexus Route or 'secret hyperspace lane' that links the Confederacy and Republic.

    Considering that Palpatine has the other half of the Nexus Route from Tarkin, I think he could arrange the kidnapping of Ahsoka to get the other half.

    I assume that she meets her end during her imprisonment, which would shake Anakin to his core, since once again he could not (did not?) do anything to save the people he cares about.

    Regarding the 'child-friendliness' of Ahsoka's demise, I wouldn't count it out. There are many 'scary' things that happen during all the movies and this series.

    Anakin's MOM dies, and not in a peaceful way either! Then Qui Gon gets skewered... Darth Maul gets halved, Jango Fett loses his head, Anakin loses a hand and eventually roasts in a pit of molten rock AFTER losing his other hand and both his legs ... We should just be thankful they're fighting droids or this whole series would be a veritable bloodbath!

  6. Anakin cannot brim himself to kill Ahsoka, but cannot let her roam free as she would be a threat. So he imprisons her in an Imperial prison. She is later found by Kyle Katarn on one of his missions.

    She is frozen in Carbonite, and again, later found by the New Republic, and becomes a New Republic Jedi under Master Skywalker.

    1. good call. I like this scenario

  7. She probably doesn't become a jedi, since then Anakin most likely would have been given the title of master, avoiding the whole argument in rots. No matter how she goes out, I am sure its gonna be good.

  8. Star Wars Fan. AlwaysJanuary 11, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    gr8 ideas, gr8 writing! best reading in a long time. But, I feel I can say; that I really really REALLY doubt that Ahsoka will tell on Anakins marriage with Padme, simply because she is more like Anakin (like her up-andgoing personality, impatience and such, u know what I mean) than Obi-Wan, and he DIDNT tell on his former Padawan :) I love the idea of Anakin killing her in a darkside moment, but how is he going to hide it from others and seem outmost normal (and smiling and having fun) until he kills Dooku and dreams about Padmes death? A moment like that, would surely lead him to dark side; like the moment when he killed Mace Windu (and Anakin probably didnt like Mace as much as Ahsoka cuz Windu is a real douche in the animated series). I think she is going to die/disappear in an uncertain way; maybe fall under a ship and not be found, lost on a random planet without any1 knowing she is there, taken prisoner by some pirates or bountyhunters and held captive a long time, anything in that tone. Because, lets face it, even tho I think Lucas is one of the greatest persons ever, he is a continuesly franchise whore and loves to make the star wars galaxy ever so endless. Anyways, I would love to see one of ur ideas in action, i liked them all :) Lets hope Lucas comes up with a "not-cliff/franchise" hanger.

  9. I like idea five the most, it sets up a behavior pattern for Vader and makes events real.

  10. Theres an interesting bit in Michael Reaves' Coruscant Nights trilogy of books which take place after the events of Revenge of the Sith....Jax Pavan, a jedi in hiding, aids other Jedi in exile; getting them out of the Core Worlds and out of the watchful eye of Vader, giving them new identities etc, in a kind of Jedi underground railroad. One of these he aided was a young , unnamed Togrutan female Jedi. It was a nice little detail that may well prove to be the outcome everyones wondering about....

  11. I'd rather see Ahsoka die fighting Vader in the Jedi Temple. The other ideas about Ahsoka being spared by Vader don't make sense because...if he tried to kill Obi-Wan, who was like his father at one point and then became brothers...almost family, then he would sure attack Ahsoka with that same intensity. The duel itself would be dramatic and emotional. I would write it with Ahsoka and Vader having an intense duel. Vader initially overwhelming his former apprentice. Then, out of a stroke of luck (or sacrifice from another Jedi) Ahsoka manages to get the upper hand and disarms Vader. Having Vader beaten, Ahsoka has a chance to deal the killing blow, but is too emotionally distraught to do so. In her hesitation, she is killed by a blaster shot to the back by Captain Rex. Afterwards, Rex and Vader continue the slaughter...

    1. yes this is really good i like your idea. if ashoka does die i would love to see a animated scene that takes place between episodes 3 revenge of the sith and episode 4 a new hope that shows vader talking to the spirit of ashoka (the blue state that a jedi becomes after death)

  12. Did anyone imagine Ahsoka being expelled from the Jedi Order before 66? I do not think she will behave in a way that justifies that, but perhaps Palpatine could arrange something ... ? Anakin thinks the council's decision to expwll ahsoka is unfair, he gets mor and mor croos with the council an the Jedi Order ... I think Sidious would like that development.

    1. ^^
      this guy called it ^^

  13. I really don't hate or like Ahsoka, but she has many fans and she made sorta a plothole.

    A death at the hands of Darthmaul would be a very honorable way to die, after he defeated a jedi master. And they just can't keep her alive do to popularity.

    Mace Windu- Killed by sidious and vader

    Aaylea Secura- shot in the back by her clones (order 66)

    Although if she lives through clone wars and escapes order 66 that would make a trend of togruta being "sole surviors"

  14. I like the killed by Dooku idea. It seems to explain that part of movie three.

    1. i think that if skywalker had so much anger from his padawan getting killed from count dooku he would have not hesitant to kill him he didn't hesitant to kill his own wife!

  15. "he cut off your arm and you wanted revenge" ... Do you really think Palpatine would mention the loss of Anakin's arm, which can be replaced quite easily, and leave out Dooku's killing Anakin's padawan? This seems to be a much graver reason for Anakin to hate Dooku, and Palpatine would have metioned exactly this.

  16. I personally like the 'wildcard' idea for Ahsoka dying that you put out: The events of the Mortis trilogy catching up to her. It's a way to off her without overly crippling the canon (Anakin can be really PO'd and everyone realizes its a hotbutton not to touch) and nicely sets up Anakin's desire to save Padme when he starts getting the visions. It makes him asking Yoda for consulation a wedge. Yoda's saying 'celebrate the fact your friend is one with the Force' in context towards an (unidentified) close friend of Anakin's dying. Maybe Anakin would be thinking in the back of his mind; "Celebrate it?! It /killed/ Ahsoka, stang it!"

    It also would be a great plot to hook Mortis back into events, allowing them to really finish that arc if they are. The one caveat to that theory is that Filoni stated (paraphrased) that 'the Mortis Trilogy should be looked at like the cave Luke Skywalker went into on Dagobah; it's all metaphor'. Assuming that's the case, it could be an arguement against such a fate. However, it could also be argued that events there ran deeper than physical wounds, even if 'healed'. The entire thing could also serve to be anger between Anakin and the Jedi if the Jedi are passive about it/resign themselves to what they know in their certain point of view) is something they can't handle. And, again, makes it a touchy issue to Anakin.

    Granted, it could actually be a pretty nasty death if it goes this way, but it could also be comparatively peaceful to getting a round through the face from a lucky B1 battle droid. I, personally, think it'd be a very strong way to remove her if they use it right, and it would (to many people, I think,) be a curveball that they wouldn't expect. I salute you for having that insight; I never would of thought of it if you never brought it up.

    As much as I love the character, the continuity is going to be shot/impaled/vaporized a couple times unless they use Starkiller or something like that at some point to get rid of her. It could of just been shout out, but Ahsoka follows Starkiller's choice of lightsabers a bit too closely. I always liked the idea that PROXY used an 'Ahsoka' program in an early training duel with Starkiller, using her original character model/single lightsaber. Vader wipes it because of the memories, but it stuck to Starkiller. Having her live throws a major curveball into the canon. She's a fighter, and Anakin himself says that she'd never give up and is fearless (which, as Plo Koon noticed, can also be a weakness). She wouldn't hide like Obi-wan or Yoda did; she'd be doing what Rahm Kota did if she survived (maybe with some of the Clone Wars 501st troopers instead of regular guys?), though that'd be a bit copy-cat ish from a fan standpoint. If she does survive the Clone Wars, going down in the Jedi Purge looks like a highly rated option.

    1. I'm not really sure if Ahsoka would hide after order 66. Yes, she is fearless and a fighter, but she's not stupid. She said it herself: "Suicide is not the Jedi way."

  17. My favorite was number 7. It sounds realy nice and can start a curve set of shows as you said, but if asoka dies he may be just ignoring it and destroying anything that has a connection to her(in a book helping revele more about vader his wish to destroy tatoine with the death star can support that he may do the same with the rest of his past and seek to destroy them too.

  18. i hope Ahsoka survives order 66 and vader spares her. It'll be an interesting twist to the Great Jedi Purge storyline and since i think ahsoka has a better relationship with anakin than obi-wan it'll be believable. Plus I'd love to see Vader in Clone Wars form.

    1. me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I understand that the continuity of the Star Wars universe is a tad... flexible. And I have to idea what the "official" Lucasfilm line is on the plot of Episode III. However, it doesn't seem to me that the events of the film happen in "fairly quick succession." At the end of the film, Padme gives birth to the twins. At the beginning, she isn't visibly pregnant. I think this film is supposed to take place over the course of several months; Lucas just didn't make this clear enough in editing.

    1. I would rather see ahsoka die in an acident that anakin caused b/c it would be better for the story of darth vader than ahsoka surviving order 66. One of my ideas is what if anakin was forced to kill ahsoka so she wouldn't have to go through terrible pain.

  20. I really like #5 where doesn't learn his identity...... It follows the story line, stays inside current cannon, gives TCW writers and Lucas an "out", and leaves a BUNCH of good material available for the expanded universe.

  21. Great read. If I thought that lucas cared about the story, we would see Ahsoka die either by Anakin or by one of the villians like Dooku. I think Lucas thinks far more about what will rake in more cash, so if Ahsoka is popular enough that she can be used in the expanded universe, then she survives.

  22. I think rikalonious's idea is good i like ahsoka alot so the frozen in carbonite idea works with me so then she goes of to luke skywalker and renews the jedi order since she knows about what the jedi order was actually right because she was raised there,maybe then the old republic would be raised again and with the senate (exept without the evil sith lord leader) and she could create the council and could be in it because she was there to see it.

  23. Just have her get killed by Anakin at the Temple. There is no reason to continue her character. Besides the whole fact that this clone wars series is a tad silly (Anakin has a Padawan...come on), leaving too many plot-holes is never a good thing. Yes the Star Wars Universe is flexible, but it shouldn't be to the point that everything becomes disorganized, and just doesn't make any logical sense.

    Having her die an honorable death at the hands of Vader is the best thing to do.

  24. Keep her alive. I love the character. I'd instead spare her life -- let Darth Vader try to convince her to join the dark side. If she refuses, she somehow gets away and hides with the Hutts. The idea is that even after everything he has been through there is still a part of him that is good. Remember Obi-wan was part of the Jedi Council, he his under the impression the Jedi Council wants to take over the Republic. Vader argues they are peace keepers, not a military, etc. Let him spare her life thinking she can be turned to the dark side later. In the chaos of fighting all the other Jedi in the Temple she gets away crying. I think she is far more interesting post clone wars anyway.

    1. I think that Anakin should attempt to save Ahsoka before her "death" and fail.(she would have to "die" in an heroic manner." That would drive him deep into depression and then after Padme dies, he would have sunk so deep that he loses it. Later when he becomes Vader, he finds that she's still alive. That's where ending number 4 comes in. This way, her "death" will satify both those who love her, and those who don't. She will disappear and then reappear later. Hope you liked!

  25. Don't forget she contacts herself from the future. How could that happen if she doesn't live a significant amount of time?

  26. Except the story is called Star Wars because it's about the wars and peace. Perhaps the movies are about Anakin but the whole timeline isn't.

  27. Darth Vader does train some Dark Jedi, he could turn her later in life. As for not mentioning her in the movie, there are other stories where the timeline is immensely screwed up. This could be one of those moments. She was most likely not even a thought in George Lucas's mind when he did Revenge Of The Sith

  28. i like number five. i say that vader tries to convince ashoka to turn to the dark side but she refuses. then vader allows her to go into hiding.

  29. Ahsoka is my ultimate favorite. I think that if Ahsoka should die it should be heroic, for she should perhaps saved hundreds of lives no dought. But most of all i agree with number five, but when aniken finds her she should be cloaked, meaning aniken doesnt know who this is. heroically fighting eventually Vader( cloaked) would stab her with his light saber, but still leaving her with enough power to walk. She takes off her cloak and reaveles her self to Vader. Only then does aniken let her go regretting what he has done.

  30. I'm not a big fan of Ahsoka, I don't hate her but I don't love her. I think she should die prottecting the younglings.:( as sad as that is Ahsoka could be those kids only hope

  31. IDK what others are thinking, but I think that Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters. I don't want to see her die, but if she does, I want it to be heroic.

    You know what I think will happen? Rex or Fives or someone will be given the order 66, and we will be shown a scene of them shooting, but not actually seeing Ahsoka being shot. Then later on at the end of the season/series, the last or close to last shot is of Ahsoka, who escaped either because of her own powers or because Rex and Fives put in mercy. It could show her face, or a shot of her eyes, or my personal ALL TIME FAVORITE would a sentence comes up that says "___ years later" and there's some Sith/imperial stuff going on, and then some bad things happen, and then we hear something along the lines to stop and drop the weapons. The last shot would be of Ahsoka's legs and her hands taking out her lightsabers, and igniting them. And it all ends. That would be so intense and suspenseful!

  32. One of the problems with number 2 is that Maul gets killed by Owen Lars between episodes 3 and 4 so Anakin can't kill him

  33. He forgot #9. Ahsoka the Acolyte. There were a LARGE number of people that surrendered, tried to bargain with, or just turned and became 'backbone support characters' (we never SAW Tremayne, but he was far more instrumental in the Outer Rim than Vader. Blackhole anyone? Any number of 'Nameless Sith Acolytes') for all we know, given her age, if her doubt could consume her (like the Jedi that failed the Jedi Temple in Tales), she could even end up training young Force Sensitives in combat (since that's all the stinking series is about)

  34. Bbbbbbutttt....
    I love Ashoka!!!!!!!
    She's like,the only girl character.
    I think the show would lose a few people if she died.
    If they faked it,like that one episode where Kenobi did,I'd so keep on watching.
    Btw. Lux and Ashoka would be a cute couple. Lol.
    You can totally tell Lux lovveess her and she loves him

  35. I think Ahsoka might sacrifice herself to save Anakin at a specific point in TCW.

    If she ever does die, it should be something special and specific. Not too cliche.
    I think a heroic sacrifice to save The Chosen One is a great idea (for me though).

  36. I am a big fan of ahsoka in the series. Although I would like for her to be killed off in the last season. Although if they do kill her off it has to be done well. I don't think that she should have a simple death. I mean she is an important character to A LOT of people. I think that ahsoka is almost as important to anakin as padme is. Ahsoka has been his apprentice for a long time and the two of them have grown close. She would definitely affect his decision on turning evil if she was still alive at the time.
    Imagine if ahsoka was captured by the separatists and tortured for information about the Jedi and the republic. But she was mentally tortured as well as physicly. So she saw people telling her things that werent really happening, like anakin and Obi wan telling her to give up on resisting giving information to the separatists. Eventually she escapes right before she can give up resisting. But she can possibly die as a captive by the separatists or die as an after effect of the torture she was put through. That would be awesome and heroic if she protected the republic and Jedi like that.

  37. I think that in all likelihood Ahsoka will survive up to Order 66, and with some help survive Order 66. Presumably that help will come with Rex, or it could come from another surviving Jedi. Very likely she and Lux may end up as travel companions if she survives Order 66.

    I'm kinda wrapped around the idea that we may see Ahsoka in a future installment of The Force Unleashed. If she's not a supporting character helping Starkiller, then perhaps she's the main protagonist whose ordeals from Order 66 and onward have created an inner struggle between good and evil within her, something she constantly has to deal with. Unlikely to happen, but an interesting idea nevertheless.

  38. just in case nobody mentioned it below fate 4 on the poster there is a Togruta it looks like shak ti but there is a deleted scene in episode III where she is executed by Grievous therefore it could possibly be Ahsoka

  39. Please add a new fate: Ahsoka lives and is a mentor / potagonist for Episode V11 (similar to Obe Wan in Episode IV or she could go the way of Ventress - full of vengence and hate but can be convinced otherwise).

  40. I like where she gets killed by maul savage ventress tht would be a gud fight but ashoka should kill at least one b4 she dies. But my favorite would be if rex 5's or one of the other clones couldnt kill the jedi because they were too loyal and had been through too much together. This one makes a lot of sense i hope they do this one

  41. 1. Fate 5 is emotionally satisfying b/c she doesn't die and it shows that Vader still has a shred of humanity left. Ashley Eckstein has said in an interview that Ahsoka tried to absorb all the goodness in Anakin, although she's aware of his unorthodox methods and dark side tendencies. So, I choose to believe that if there's anyone else other than Luke and Padme who believe in Anakin's goodness even after he turns bad, it's gonna be Ahsoka. Some of you will say that Obi-Wan had a close relationship with Anakin too and yet they wanted to finish each other off in Mustafar. The thing is, Anakin loved Obi-Wan like a father/big bro, but in episode II, Anakin felt Obi-Wan held him back. Perhaps the resentment that Anakin had for Obi-Wan still lingered, no matter how much he cared about his old Master and it was no longer restrained by the time of the Mustafar duel. Other than the first time they met, Anakin has always been fond of Ahsoka and I don't think Anakin has ever resented Ahsoka the way he did with Obi-Wan.

    2. Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order to be with Lux will make the hopeless romantic fangirl in me spazz to no end. Think about it, it shows the viewers different choices that a Jedi makes when faced with the temptation of attachment. E.g., Anakin gives in and secretly marries Padme, Obi-Wan doesn't act on his feelings for Satine, so why not have Ahsoka as a Jedi who completely succumbs to her feelings for Lux, but has "too much integrity" to violate the Jedi Code, and leaves the Jedi Order for him?

    I think should Filoni and Lucas go with this, it should be coupled with Ahsoka finally finding out about Padme and Anakin. Remember when in the Onderon arc, Anakin, out of all people, told Ahsoka to put purpose before feelings? LOL...guess who has a secret wife in Coruscant?? I think Ahsoka may be disappointed with Anakin's "hypocrisy" when she discovers their marriage, setting the stage for her separation from him as a master-padawan duo. I can't see Ahsoka secretly dating/marrying Lux, she's too honest to pull something like that and if she chooses Lux, she will leave the Order.

    3. If Ahsoka dies at the series finale it will make Anakin's turn to the dark side makes a lot more sense. I don't want this to happen, but if Lucas and Filoni think it's the best conclusion, then so be it. They better make it good, though, esp since a lot of Ahsoka's kiddie fans will probably be traumatized by her death LOL.

    4. If she survives Order 66, I think Rex will play a role there b/c he learned from his defiance of Pong Krell in the Umbaran arc and his experience in The Deserter episode (meeting a former clone trooper who married and raised a family). If Rex is still alive by the time of Order 66 and he was assigned to Ahsoka's legion (since I Rex doesn't show up in ROTS), I think he'd help her get away from the Jedi Purge.

    5. This is so unlikely, but she can watch over Leia the way Obi-Wan watches over Luke...and dies when Death Star destroys Alderaan.

    1. I think with option 2, Anakin may not want to have anything to do with Ahsoka anymore after she is with Lux, as much as he wishes her well. I think that seeing Lux and Ahsoka together is too much for Anakin to handle, because they will show Anakin a life that he could've had with Padme, but it was too late for that. This can bring him closer to the dark side too, b/c it will make the prohibition on attachment and his hiding of his marriage even more frustrating to deal with.

      Or, Anakin can also tell Ahsoka after she discovers the secret marriage, something like, "Go and be with Lux, I don't want you to suffer the way Padme and I do."

    2. I just thought of this to add so I end up replying to myself LOL.

      Let's not forget her vision in Mortis, that her adult self told her that there'd be no future for her if she stayed by Anakin's side. Maybe, as the series nears its conclusion/the events in ROTS, Ahsoka starts to observes that Anakin toys more and more with the dark side. In the past, she admires and takes after Anakin with his radical methods, but there will be a point where Ahsoka thinks that he's finally crossing the line and she understands her vision in Mortis. Being smart and believing that "Suicide is not the Jedi way," she'd do whatever it takes to save her own skin.

      If she finds out about Anakin's marriage AND her relationship with Lux deepens, she can alternatively sympathizes with Anidala rather than be disappointed in Anakin. Perhaps she then sees that the attachment prohibition is not realistic for the likes of her and Anakin, so she cannot in good conscience stay with the Order and decides to be with Lux openly, b/c she's unwilling to go to great lengths to hide her relationship with him.

      There's also this part in the Season 5 trailer when a woman tells Ahsoka something about how the Jedi Order is not what it used to be or something. We'll see what that woman means when we get to that episode, but MAYBE, whatever that woman talks about leads to Ahsoka's departure from the Order.

  42. Speculated Fate #9,548:
    A man who learns to use the force by learning from holocrons Made by the "grey" jedi of the old republic, receives visions of the future after the clone wars. He perceives the threat of the yusong vong through the Echoes of the fears of those they face in combat. His visions inform him of order 66 and the dark times that follow, but also tell him that they are necessary to prepeare the galaxy for the arrival of the vong. If he were to interfere in the clone wars to sxave the republic, the galaxy would not be in a state to resist the vong invasion later. He decides to save as many of the doomed jedi as he can without altering the path he sees too much. He decides to freeze as many jedi and a few select others as possible in carbonite, effectively cryogenically freezing them until they can contribute to the coming fires oof the galaxy. Tano would be amoung them, potentially giving a speach on how her master was before he fell to the dark side.

  43. i think ahsoka should survive order 66, then be spared by vader, then live out the ret of her life in hiding

  44. Why not the obvious? Ashoka lives and turns to the Dark Side as a secret apprentice to Vader. Her devotion to Anakin sticks through and then she returns as the Sith Lord in episode VII? :)

  45. She must die and it must be so horrible for anakin that he must forget/let go. But my wife holds her own theory that Ashoka falls in love with Lux and leaves the jedi order...but even that leaves the big question as to why anakin would never contact her or mention her. It has to be death to remove her from the story and it has to be so bad that Anakin never refers to her in the future. She's too major of a character in anakins life -like padme or ben- she has to be eliminated or it will be lucas's biggest blunder. Her death will also contribute to anakin backtracking towards the darkside again when it comes to possession of padme. (PS. Lucas current first biggest blunder is Vader not rembering R2 when he encounters him in 4-6)

  46. Hi - It's Anonymous again - I just read the comment above... having her turn to the darkside secretly with Darth Vader might make sense as well. But with my previous post - her death: how? Jedi involvement would make sense but not too direct. I like the dooku theory though...but Anakin would refer to him for revenge and she would still be a stronger part of the story. I'm sticking to it has to be trajic and random and perhaps caused by him accidentally or he fails to save her.

  47. You know I've thought fate#8 through and found a really beautiful, sad story but the wordlimit wont allow me to post it. If you know a way to share it somewhere here somehow please let me know

  48. She does die in lll she.gets shoot in the back at the end when order66 is carried out

    1. Unless there is a jeti that looks like her watch the movie agine not even thst big of a fan and i caught that part

    2. The lady Jedi in III that is shot in the back and killed is not Ashoka Tano.

  49. Looks like Darth Sidious may do it. He's probably the dark jedi who planned the bomb in "Sabotage" then killed the Letta Turmond in "The Jedi Who Knew too Much." Anakin may never get to see her death, b/c he doesn't recognize Sidious in Episode III.

    Unless... this is what Darth Maul was saved for at the end of "The Lawless."

    Or... maybe Count Dooku will engage Anakin in battle, then force-yank Ashoka in A's lightsabre path, killing her & crushing Skywalker's spirit.

    Or... Isadora Dunkin-style death, getting her head-tails wrapped up in a Wagon-Wheeled Landspeeder accident on some fancy Roaring 30's Gangster Planet.

  50. ahsoka in 1313 and a masked ventress hmm


  51. well it was seaosn finale on star wars the clone wars today. and i alway new it was it barris offee. how could that girl betray ahsoka like that i thought she was her friend. (like i alway say sometime who need friend you want have any enemies) well ventress and ahsoka do have something in like. both betryal by there masters. no one believe them. i dont get me wrong i like ankain but he should believe his own appretince. i believe her and i dont even know her. after that got traitor who bomb up the jedi temple. barris was arrest. that going make ahsoka a jedi again. she probably think you jedi cousnil didnt believe me and know you going make me be a jedi aagain. i dont blame her not going back as jeid or be anakin appretince again . no she did the right was to leave. i hear rumor there is going be a season 6. she be on it. but she not good i her in fact she a bounty hunter. i dont blame ahsoka.

  52. Option 1 it is... She will reappear in episode 7.

  53. I do want to see her live beyond Order 66, and i think Vader sparring her during the Purge isn't so far fetched, after all Vader only found out he had a son because Sidious told him. Training a Padawan creates some strong bonds,(just ask Kenobi :P) I can easily imagine a newly "minted" Vader still having shreds of compassion. Besides, the source of Vader's Dark Side powers is Pain and Fear which aren't as all-consuming as Hate like Maul.

    And i strongly believe she'll end up as a Grey "Jedi", kinda like Mara Jade, or (less canon) Kreya (from KotOR 2), which i belive are actually the best and most interesting kind.

    However i doubt (altho secretly hope that she does) she will appear in Episode VII, she just hasn't got that iron-clad Canon cred yet

  54. Well I don't think Anakin Skywalker would spare her if he found her. Think about his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi, his best friend in the entire Jedi Order. He even turned against him, and said he was his enemy, then they fought, and after the duel he said he hated him. And unlike Obi-Wan, Anakin was actually trying to kill Obi-Wan throughout the duel. If this is what he did to his best friend, I don't think he would allow Ahsoka Tano to live.


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